Community Engagement With Trumbull Corp Pittsburgh

Aug 3, 2023

One of the hallmarks of a truly successful publicly funded project is community engagement, also known as public engagement. Many of the projects that Trumbull Corp. works on are publicly funded, which often require a public engagement component in order to qualify for funding.

Trumbull Corporation is a company that builds bridges — both literally and figuratively — through our long-standing commitment to the communities we serve. Trumbull takes pride in our dedication to fostering meaningful connections with our clients, stakeholders, and people in the cities and neighborhoods where our teams work. 

For Trumbull Corp, community engagement means taking the time to make sure that our work serves the local area first and foremost — from the projects we build to their lasting impact on the generations to come. 

Trumbull Corp. Pittsburgh Builds Bridges and More

Public involvement plays a large role in informing design-build projects. When Trumbull Corp. began work on the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge project in Ohio as part of the TGR Triventure, community and stakeholder engagement played a large role in project success. 

The nearly $300 million project involved demolition of a major bridge and various reconstruction of the existing highway and local streets located around Cleveland’s central business district and a local neighborhood. The project included constructing two bridges, one of which was a 4,000-foot-long viaduct structure spanning the Cuyahoga River Valley, which included the river, multiple rails lines, and several city streets). Engaging stakeholders as partners in the project was critical to the success of the project. 

Stakeholder Engagement with Trumbull Corp. 

Early in the planning process, Trumbull Corp. and the TGR team made an effort to engage any interested local stakeholders, including large employers located downtown, the public, the Cleveland Alliance, professional sporting teams located in the area, colleges and universities, the City of Cleveland, the local Regional transit Authority and Port Authority, hospitals, those using the Cuyahoga River for transport, bicycle advocacy groups, and various neighborhood community groups. 

The team engaged a public involvement officer to coordinate all efforts to engage these members not only during design, but throughout construction. These meetings kept all stakeholders informed, which in turn helped to keep the general public and workers safe while enabling TGR to achieve the project schedule. 

Community Engagement Methods

For the Cleveland Innerbelt project, community engagement methods included: 

  • Holding public meetings to gather input from community members
  • Creating a project website to provide information to the public as well as FAQs about the project
  • News briefs
  • Community surveys enabling the public to submit comments on the proposed designs
  • Partnering surveys to gauge stakeholder partner satisfaction with quality, communication, issue resolution, teamwork, schedule, public relations, maintenance of traffic, project commitments, team member satisfaction, and overall partnering.
  • Community tours of the project

Community engagement on the Innerbelt project resulted in the team receiving an IPI John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year. 

Letting Trumbull Corp. Pittsburgh Lead the Way

Community engagement builds trust and goodwill between the people in the community and the project team, and it can also help to mitigate any potential conflicts or delays. Trumbull Corp Pittsburgh is committed to being a good neighbor and giving back to our neighbors. 
If you’d like to find out more about Trumbull Corp. projects involving community engagement, contact us for more information. Working as partners we can build stronger communities through improved infrastructure.