Site Work

Before any commercial construction project can begin, the site must be prepped and primed for proper development.

Our safety and quality record has earned Trumbull one of the strongest reputations in the Mid-Atlantic. Our focus on customers makes all the difference. For nearly 70 years we’ve performed site work for a variety of commercial and industrial projects, including projects for major big-box retailers and the oil and gas industry.

excavation backhoe moving dirt

Equipped to Excavate

The Trumbull fleet is always at the ready. We own and operate a modern, well-maintained fleet of equipment for excavating and grading sites. This includes grading equipment with GPS machine controls, off-road trucks ranging in size from 35-ton to 100-ton capacity and excavators up to 310k lbs operating weight with 10 cy buckets.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of projects Trumbull can handle:


We moved 9 million cubic yards of dirt, constructed two bridges and a 500-car parking garage, and built a highway interchange (among many other projects) for the $200 million early works project


We provided excavation, grading, drainage, paving, and utilities for the 84-acre McCandless Crossing lifestyle center


We removed over 1.3 million cubic yards of soil and installed more than 25,000 linear feet of utilities for the Westinghouse Electric Company headquarters

construction worker smiling in excavator cab

Safe and Sustainable

One of our key benchmarks for success is the safety and well-being of our workers and the public. For each site we tailor a safety plan that reflects the uniqueness of project activities and terrain. Our goal is to keep our employees, owners, partners, subcontractors, and the public all safe. You can find the details of our extensive safety program on our safety webpage.

We also take proactive steps to ensure our projects meet the government requirements for maintaining a healthy environment. Trumbull assigns experienced supervisors and adequate resources to make sure we achieve environmental compliance.

Comprehensive Site Work

Site development is an essential stage of the construction process. Trumbull offers a variety of general site work and excavation services, including:


Material import and export


Material processing


Site grading and road grading


Underground utilities and site drainage


Rock blasting and removal




Surveying and layout


Construction staking and layout


As-built and existing conditions surveys


Erosion control


Soil stabilization

Site Work Projects


Cranberry Twp., Pennsylvania

Confidential Site Development Project

Monaca, PA

mills mall

Tarentum, Pennsylvania

Big sandy Penitentiary

Inez, KY