At Trumbull, our full-service team transforms ideas into world-changing improvements


With every project comes unique challenges, and Trumbull is ready to tackle each one


With a history full of breakthroughs, Trumbull continues to build for tomorrow

Heavy Construction

With Trumbull, you get one team that does it all — heavy civil construction for bridges, heavy highway projects, tunnels, excavation, locks and dams, wellpad construction, pipeline installation, and utilities. Our crews also take care of related work such as demolition, paving, drainage, waterline and utilities, landscaping, fencing, hauling, and so much more.

traffic on highway bridge over river


When you choose Trumbull, you’re working with a partner with a long-term legacy of dependability and durability. We assemble the best people to complete the most challenging heavy construction projects. Our team has a diverse range of talent and experiences that allow us to solve complex problems.

construction building new bridge over river

Proven Performance and Reliable Results

With thousands — or even millions — of people depending on these projects, Trumbull takes extra measures to make sure our work is thorough and accurate. Our team is constantly measuring, learning, researching, exploring, and improving methods — all while completing projects on time and on budget.

construction work building a bridge over a river

Trust Trumbull

Our most important resources are our people and partners. Trumbull’s team is a diverse group of professionals who each bring unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the planning and building process. We solve problems and employ smart, hard-working people to help achieve our customers’ goals.

construction worker with crew working behind him

Our Safety

Our success and accomplishments are only as valuable as they are safe. Trumbull implements an extensive “My Safety” program that includes training, planning, and protocols for protecting the well-being of everyone involved in every project at all times. We keep people safe by doing the right thing.

construction worker smiling while using machiney

Let's Work Together

Everything we do at Trumbull — every project we undertake, every relationship we build, and every idea we bring to reality — begins and ends with people. From the quality of our work, to the safety of our team, we go the extra mile to make sure a job is well done.


Scudder falls

Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Charleroi Lock and Dam

Monessen, PA

Shell Cracker Plant

Monaca, PA

North Shore Connector

Pittsburgh, PA